Ali offers many ways to explore the Wadi Rum : hiking, camel riding or by jeep.

He also invites you to discover hidden and amazing landscapes of the desert, saving you the noise of the 4×4 and the tourist crowds.

He can also guide you as you climb the arches or the mountains, espacially the highest, Um Ad Dami at 1854 m, near the border of Saudi Arabia.

If you wish, you can spend a night in the desert, after admiring the sunset and enjoying a Bedouin dinner and tea.

Located not far from sites to be visited, Ali’s camp invites you to spend one, or sevaral nights in the desert. After having admired the sunset and savoured a bedouin dinner and its tea, you will sleep according to your choice either under the  stars or in an individual tent made with the traditional Bedouin crafted canvas tents made of goat hair. The camp gives 6 individual tents of 2 persons, necessary comfort (toilets, showers, washbowls) and 2 big tents to rest you and take your meals around a wooden fire.

Choose one of the tours offered, or build your own program “à la carte” for one or more days by combining the proposed activities.

Ali is at your disposal for any further information and will help you define a program that will best suit your expectations: places to visit, mean (s) of travel, number of days and nights in the desert. Food can be adapted to your needs or your desire. Water (mineral bottled) and tea supplies won’t be an issue.

The entry into the protected area of Wadi Rum is not included in the rates, which would be an extra 5 JOD / person to be paid upon arrival at the reception center for visitors.

Our Prices are in Jordanian Dinar (JOD). To convert your money in Jordanian Dinar, click here.


Our tours

Hiking tours

  • 1 day + 1 night
  • 2 days + 1 night
  • 3 days + 2 nights
  • 4 days and more

Camel ride

  • 1 day
  • 1 day + 1 night
  • 2 days + 1 night

Jeep tours

  • From 1 day to several days
  • Mixed with some camel ride
  • Lawrence of Arabia road – 2 hours jeep


  • 1 day of climbing with ir without a camp
  • Burdah arch, jebel Um Ad Dami, jebel Ash

A la carte

Compose your own program and contact Ali for pricing details by specifying the desired period and the number of visitors.