New travel experience

in the Jordanian desert

Regardez profondément dans la nature
et alors vous comprendrez tout beaucoup mieux.

Welcome to Wadi Rum Travel

As a land full of Biblical, Roman and Arabic stories, Jordan surprises and enchants travelers with its beautiful natural sites such as Petra, the Dead Sea and the desert of Wadi Rum.

Ali, born in the Wadi Rum desert known as the “Valley of the Moon”, will guide you through its narrow canyons and help you climb its mountains. You will travel through a landscape of stone and sand that is colored with an ever-changing palette of ochre, pinks and reds, magical moments forever etched in your memory.

Here we present you our camp to stay one or many nights. You are free to disdcover the sites and services at your own pace; on foot, by camel or by jeep. We recommend you spend at least a night in the desert, either camping out in the open or staying in our camp that offers all the amenities. Please do contact us for any further information.

Our activities

Ali offers many ways to explore the Wadi Rum: hiking, dromedary called camel by the Bedouin or by jeep.
He can also make you climb the arches or the mountains, especially the highest, Um Adaami 1854 m at the border of Saudi Arabia.
Located not far from sites to be visited, Ali’s camp receives you to cross one or several nights in the desert.

Our tours

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A night in the Wadi Rum

Constructed in winter 2011/2012 and renovated in the spring of 2019, our camp gives all facilities.

And you will be able to have a rest and take your meals in two big tents which one with wood fire.


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February 1, 2023

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January 9, 2023

star rating  We did a wonderful 7-hour Wadi Rum tour 🙂 Ali and Mohammed are super friendly and represent perfectly Bedouin people’s kindness and hospitality. We went through all the famous sites... read more

Cristiana Y
December 28, 2022

star rating  We stayed 2 nights at the camp. Our host - Ali and his brothers - were super nice and friendly we enjoyed very much the food, which was just delicious.... read more

December 7, 2022

star rating  It was a magical night for me and my sister! After 5 days riding in the desert it was good to use hot water again. 🙂 Everything was nice, clean... read more

April 4, 2022

star rating  We stayed for only one night, but I wish we could have stayed for longer. What an amazing experience in a beautiful place. We had such a great time with... read more

March 26, 2022